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Hainan Province has Hainan Island and Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha Islands under its jurisdiction. Its land covers an area of over 35,400 square kilometers with population of 8.67 million people subdividing into the Han, the Li, the Miao, the Hui and other nationalities. Haikou is its provincial capital.

Hainan was administered as part of Guangdong Province until 1988. Since then it has been designated a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and has become a magnet for investment and has developed a large tourist infrastructure.

Hainan has a tropical moist monsoonal climate. Its annual temperature change is within a range of less than 15°C (27°F). The coldest months are January and February when the temperatures drop to 16 to 21 °C (61 to 70 °F); the hottest months are July and August, and the temperatures are 25 to 29 °C (77 to 84 °F).


As of the end of 2012, Hainan has existing schools at all levels of 3961, students 189.49 million; Among them, 1323 are kindergartens, with 26.96 million children; The gross pre-school enrollment rate is 62.8%. Elementary Schools are 2036, with 75.22 million students; The gross elementary enrollment rate is 101.60%; There are 388 Junior high schools, with 36.473 million students; The gross enrollment rate is 99.23%; Senior high schools are 103, with 17.55 million students; 93 secondary vocational schools, with 16.50 million students; The gross enrollment rate of high school is 85.18%; Universities/Colleges are 18, with 19.45 million students; The post secondary gross enrollment rate is 28.06%. In recent years, the provincial government has unswervingly implemented the strategy of“develop Hainan by technology and Education, make it stronger by talented people” , which gives the priority to education. 2012 the province's total education investment is 21.834 billion yuan, an increase of 24.53% to 2011(a break of the history record). It maintains a consecutive double-digit growth seven years in a roll. Also, “great education from small finance” secures the educational development.

Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education

Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education lies in Wenchang City of Hainan Province. Wenchang City is known far and wide as the Land of Culture, the Land of Overseas Chinese, the Land of a National Mother (Madame Sun Yat Sen), the Land of Generals and, recently, the Land of Chinese Spaceflight, as a Space Center will be constructed in Wenchang City in the near future.The College was established since the autumn of 1947. Relocated four times and renamed seven times, the college has developed from Wenchang County Jianyi Normal School into a professional college under the administration of Hainan Provincial Government. Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education covers an area of 25 hektares. There are more than 5000 students annually. The college offers 8 foreign languages (English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and Spainese) and 24 majors.  On the basis of harmony and mutual benefit, the college has established a close, in-depth relationships of cooperation and exchanges with a number of universities, colleges and educational institutions with the U.S.A, Germany, the U.K, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, etc. The College offers Chinese language study program for international students. Every year international students from different countries are attracted to learn Chinese language and culture here.


In order to encourage the international students at Hainan University to study well, to promote cultural exchange, and to upgrade the educational internationalization level of our university, the Hainan University International Student Scholarship was set up.

Category of applicants

International Language students at Hainan University

Values of scholarship

Exempt from tuition fee. Other expenses are self-afforded.

Application time

From May to June of the Spring semester; from November to December of the Autumn semester.


What is the weather like at Hainan?

Hainan Island is entitled “Oriental Hawaii ”. It has a tropical marine monsoonal climate with an annual average temperature of 22-26°C. Sunlight, surfing, beach, coconut palms, famous historical sites constitute a picturesque tropical landscape.

Hainan is so beatuful, can I travel around while I am studying?

Foreign students must have proper visa and residence permit to travel within the areas where foreigners are allowed to travel.Also, please check with your department to see if you will need to obtain a letter of recommendation from your department of study to process this special authorization. Without special authorization or for research needs,students may not travel to the areas restricted to foreigners. You should take your passport and student ID cards and keep them safe when you travel in China.

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